July 28, 2022

Top of the World, Laguna Beach, CA

At the Top of The World — 

Meghan + Calvin have a beautiful love, that has extended over many years, many hardships, many celebrations. The steadfastness of their bond is almost physically visible, something I felt honored to capture in a photograph. 

I love capturing stories like theirs, that many not everyone who sees these photos will be able to see, but for them to see & look back on. That’s the goal – that this season, and all the seasons that built up to this one, would be preserved for them. 

I hope and pray that all my couples get a taste of this through my photographs. I’m always excited for the beautiful places I get to photograph at, for the beautifully planned events I photograph, and many more things that come along with photographing couples & weddings — but it is always the people and their stories that bing tears to my eyes. Maybe it just happens to be beside the Rocky Mountains, or during a beautiful wedding ceremony, or during the reception speeches, but it is always the people. 

Thankful to capture stories.